Meet Karen

Karen Sargent is an award-winning author whose novel, Waiting for Butterflies, is the 2017 IAN Book of the Year. She writes “stories that stir the soul” with characters whose imperfect faith collides with real-life conflicts. A romantic element is woven within.

In addition to writing inspirational novels, she blogs at The MOM Journey, where moms aren’t perfect and that’s perfectly okay. Her writing is featured in Guideposts devotional books and magazines, Chicken Soup for the  Soul, and Sasee (and more).

Now retired from teaching high school and college English, Karen gets her fix by presenting at writing workshops and conferences, teaching community writing classes, and encouraging writers at all stages–from helping new writers get started to leading book launches for her published friends.

Determined to do retired life right, Karen enjoys mornings on her front porch, walks with her husband, spending time with her adult children, and making up for lost time with friends.


Dear Reader and Friend:

More than two decades ago I became an English teacher because I loved to read and write. But once I stepped into my own classroom, I discovered my reading time was dominated by the literature I taught and the essays I graded, and my writing was limited to lesson plans. Then two baby girls entered the story, so I tucked away my writing dream. And that was okay…because I loved teaching my students and raising my daughters, and both consumed my heart.

But my writing dream wiggled every now and then to remind me it was still there, and a few years ago, I dusted it off and let it breathe again. Finally, in my twenty-third year of teaching, that dream has become my first novel. And while I once believed my career and motherhood put my writing on hold, I now know both prepared me to write Waiting for Butterflies. Teaching my students great literature made me a storyteller. Teaching my students to write made me a better writer. And being a mom, loving my family, gave me something meaningful to say.

As you read the books I write, there’s something you should know about me. I’m not a perfect mom. Or a perfect wife. Or a perfect Christian. But I try my best…most of the time. And while my life is blessed, it’s not perfect either. My family has endured our fair share of real-life—sometimes faith-shaking—circumstances. So when you meet my characters, don’t expect perfect people with perfect faith. And when you step into the storylines, be prepared to meet real life there. Because that’s the world I live in, and all that imperfection and faith shaking created a rearview mirror I gaze into often because I like looking back and seeing God in all of it…loving, leading, forgiving, and redeeming. There’s grace there. And hope. And that’s what you’ll find in the pages I write.

So when you pick up my book, the dream I had many years ago is no longer mine but ours. Without you, the dream ends with a story tucked away in a book. But when the book is in your hands and you open the cover, the heart of the story begins to beat. Only you—the reader—can make that happen. So thank you. Thank you for being the most important part of my dream.

With so much appreciation,