Our 1st Year on the Journey




Happy birthday to my MOM Journey friends! Today we are officially one-year-old!

You just don’t know how…

  • stunned I am that I launched this blog with no idea what I was doing and twelve months later we’re still here
  • humbled I am by your willingness to embrace this journey through momhood with me–the good and the bad–without judgment
  • blessed I am that we started with two followers (both me–as I tested my personal and work emails to make sure the subscription process worked!) and now we are 300+ strong via subscription and many more via Facebook (because you know how to use that “share” button well!)

In the past year….

We’ve celebrated moms by giving away a lot of fun stuff–essential oils, jewelry, books, coffee from Arcadia Valley Roasting Company, gift cards, and probably more I can’t think of at the moment! And our blog moved to a new home on my new website. (Yay! no more tech headaches for me!)

You helped me celebrate milestones in my dream to write…signing a publishing contract, revealing my first book cover, and soon–launching my debut novel. And soooooo many of you have joined my BOOK LAUNCH TEAM to help my book find readers during the final weeks before the release date! In fact, we almost reached my “that-would-be-a-miracle-number” on my list of team members! (By the way, it’s not too late to join HERE.)

You read and responded to over fifty posts! Three were republished on ForEveryMom and ModernSimplicity and in Guidepost’s Angels on Earth magazine. Based on your comments and the number of shares, these are the Top 5 (not including the post on ForEveryMom):

The Miracle I’m Ashamed Of

Our Kids Are Selfie Obsessed

It’s Not Worth the Fight

You Won’t Believe What I Wanted for Mother’s Day

I Didn’t Know That Then

But most of all, as we reflect on this past year on The MOM Journey, I pray this has been a place where you’ve experienced joy in celebrating momhood, peace in knowing we all share the same struggles, and hope as we trust in a Father whose love for us–His children–is beyond our understanding. Our only comparison is how much we love and dream and hurt for our own children…and even that is only a mere glimpse.

Thank you for choosing The MOM Journey…which is returning to it’s Tuesday evening schedule this week. We’re going to talk about lies…and the big one you might believe.


Do you remember this? I haven’t forgotten our latest give-away, Romance Grows in Arcadia Valley, a collection of novellas set in a fictional town. What a fun give-away for those of us in the real Arcadia Valley! And the winner is…Sandy H! Sandy, check your email for more information! Don’t be sad if you didn’t win! There’s a prize for everyone! Look for the pink button, click it, and choose a FREE ebook from Christian author Alana Terry! But first…

Wish The MOM Journey a Happy Birthday in the comments! And don’t miss those HUGE Facebook and Twitter buttons Katrina added when she designed our new site! Feel free to click ’em and share our birthday celebration with more moms! (And if you aren’t a regular follower but would like to be, it’s easy! Look for JOIN ME ON THE MOM JOURNEY — Enter your email to subscribe!)



  1. Andi says:

    Happy Birthday! I’m thankful for the awesome truth & support shared here!

  2. Alana Terry says:

    I really like the new site!

    • Karen Sargent says:

      Thanks for visiting, Alana…and for the link to your free book! (Mom Journey followers, if you haven’t downloaded one of Alana’s free books yet, you’re missing out! Find that pink button and hit it!) 🙂

  3. Lois Orr says:

    Happy 1st Birthday! What a blessing you are and these blogs have been to so many (myself included!).
    Hope for many more successful months ahead!!

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