Do You Have the “MOM” Factor?

Are there any fans of The X Factor on The MOM Journey? If not a fan, you’ve probably heard of the television music competition where judges search for the contestant with the “x” factor–that undefinable something that makes for star quality.

Since the “x” factor is undefinable, I decided to look it up. Here’s the definition:

a variable in a given situation that could have the

most significant impact on the outcome

Hhmmm. As I think about that definition, moms come to mind…because moms have a variable–a quality–that significantly impacts the way many things turn out: her kids, their future, dinner.

We could call that quality the “MOM” factor…the thing that makes all the difference. Maybe it’s her patience or selflessness or determination or unconditional love. Maybe it’s the way she makes birthdays special or knows how to tuck in the covers just right or said the difficult words that changed your life.

I bet you know a mom with the “MOM” factor. And she deserves to be celebrated on The MOM Journey! Maybe it’s your mom or a mom friend or your grandma or a neighbor. One amazing mom will be announced on The MOM Journey in the Mother’s Day post and awarded a gift certificate she’ll love!

But first…you must nominate her! It’s simple! Below is a link to the nomination form. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions:

What is her “MOM” factor? Can you say it in a word or a short phrase?

How does her “MOM” factor make all the difference?

Then suggest a gift certificate (or two or three) she would love to receive from The MOM Journey! Hobby Lobby? Amazon? A mani or pedi? A restaurant?

Nominations are open through May 2. One mom with the “MOM” factor will be announced on May 9!

You know how time gets away from us! Don’t wait! Nominate a special mom…and let The MOM Journey help you celebrate her!

The “MOM” Factor Nomination Form

Once you fill out the nomination form, SHARE this post and let’s see how many moms we can honor with a nomination! See you next week to discuss a topic I definitely think moms can relate to!


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