FALL BACK: How to Get Extra Hours

My alarm clock is set 10 minutes fast. So is the clock in my bathroom and the clock in my car. The gift of an extra ten minutes I give myself each morning somehow keeps me on time, even though my brain knows the game I’m playing.

Our guest blogger today, author Leah DeCesare, is going to show us how she plays the ultimate time game and gets the most out of daylight savings time. Welcome our new mom friend, Leah!  Blessings! Karen


It’s that time of year, pumpkins, costumes, and daylight savings. For fall back, we gain an hour, what busy mom doesn’t love that? But I play a little game that gives me more than one extra hour.

Fall back is my day of extra hours.

Despite the darkness falling earlier and heralding cold days ahead, during  daylight savings time, I like the few hours I gain during this one day of the year.

At bedtime on Saturday night, I change only the clock in my bedroom – this is for the obvious reason of not arriving at church or Sunday morning activities an hour early. (If you don’t need to get up for anything special, you can instead give yourself the hour first thing in the morning). I find it thrilling to get into bed at my typical too-late hour and magically, it’s only midnight again!

On Sunday, I’m up and at ’em and ready to claim my extra hours. First, I putter around with my morning yoga poses, make the bed and brush my teeth and eventually, after finding a dozen more things calling my immediate attention, I finally get to the kitchen. As I start my breakfast, I have my first momentary panic that I’m late or that I’ve wasted my morning, “How could it already be that late?” I lament. But then – wait a minute – I turn back the kitchen clock and I get my second extra hour of fall back. Woo Hoo! Now I have time to sort through the mail as I sip my hot beverage.

Once I’ve tossed catalogs and shredded heaps of blahmail, picked up socks under the table (why are there always two mismatched little girl socks in the kitchen?), and spent time zinging between tasks, I make my way to my office.

I love my pale yellow corner office, and since it’s Sunday, I decide to treat myself and sit with a book to start my day. I snuggle into my tiny couch and luxuriate in the pages (or in the animated page-turning depending). Deep into the story, I’m deaf to the ticking. When I return to real life and notice the clock above me, I throw my head back wondering how it could already be lunchtime.

To be honest, sometimes I don’t change this one right away because that clock is a pain. The nail it hangs on slips out of the wall and it’s a two-person job, or a one-person hour long frustration, which then defeats the purpose of my day of collecting extra hours, so I skip and instead change the small clock on my desk and get my third extra hour.

Since it’s not yet lunchtime, I plunk in front of my computer, who’s clock is automatically already changed, so no fun there. As I pummel through cyber tasks feeling the excitement of checking things off my list, Anna pops in to ask if we can watch family movies. We head to the family room where I gasp out loud scaring the child. It can’t possibly be so late that we missed lunchtime altogether. And here it is, my fourth hour gained. Racking them up in Fall-Back-O-Rama.

After eating lunch I watch my children as sweet adorable little ones with sweet adorable little voices and cheeks that I could smoosh again. After considering how amazing it would be to be pregnant and have another baby, and after I laugh at the thought of being my age and pregnant again, I dive into a project. I work on a photo book or writing a book. It’s a good feeling to be productive, to preserve our family memories, to move forward on something that’s been hanging over my head, but I also love a good afternoon nap on a fall day.

Wait – wait – wait! It’s dark outside. What time is it? My office clock taunts me with the late hour, you should be thinking of dinner, your day is winding down, time is passing, it mocks. But then, realizing I never changed it, I triumphantly yank it off the wall, the nail tumbles behind the couch, and I ceremoniously twist that big hand back with the little hand close behind. And I just got my fifth extra hour.

Boo Ya!

If you’re really wise on your day of extra hours, you can even extend it into Monday. You guessed it, don’t change your watch until you’re on your way out the door. Just when you’re feeling like you won’t possibly have enough time to do what you need, that extra hour comes to the rescue.

What will you do with your extra hours this Sunday?

Leah DeCesare is the author of Forks, Knives, and Spoons, her first novel out April 2017, and the nonfiction parenting series Naked Parenting, based on her work as a doula, early parenting educator, and mom of three. Her articles on parenting have been featured in The Huffington Post, the International Doula, and The Key, among others. In 2008, she cofounded the nonprofit Doulas of Rhode Island, and in 2013 she spearheaded the Campaign for Hope to build the Kampala Children’s Centre for Hope and Wellness in Uganda. In a past life, DeCesare worked in public relations and event planning. She now writes, teaches, and volunteers in Rhode Island, where she lives with her family and talking cockatiel. Visit Leah and learn more about her books at www.LeahDeCesare.com.


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