I’m Too Busy Playing

I hope you don’t mind if The MOM Journey is a little short this week…and maybe for the next few weeks. We’re out of school, Hubby has taken off a few days, and we are busy playing! Speaking of playing, that just happens to be our topic this week.

I can already tell. This is going to be a Summer of Nerts at the Sargent house (or nertz or nerds or whatever the real name of the game is). About ten decks of cards wait stacked on the windowsill by the kitchen table. Like sirens, their song is irresistible. The girls are lured from their cell phones, Hubby shuts off the St. Louis Cardinals (or at least mutes the TV), and I close my laptop. We each grab a deck and begin a frantic game of multi-player solitaire on steroids, which includes a lot of quick thinking, fast moving, and insults as one player beats another in a play. The girls compete to win. Hubby and I play to ward off Alzheimer’s.

I LOVE when it’s a Summer of Nerts…but it doesn’t happen every summer. Some years we play all summer long; some years we hardly play at all. But this summer…the addiction has kicked in…we’re playing…and this is why I love it:

While the cards fly, everything else stops. All distractions are pushed aside and we laugh, we connect, we make memories. The four people around the table are all that matters for the next hour or three. (And sometimes we squeeze twice as many people around the table because when friends know it’s a Summer of Nerts, they walk in and ask, “Are we playing nerts?”)

Even though the speed of the game is 116 miles per hour, the game makes us stop. We all sit in one place for an extended period of time and see each others’ eyeballs for a change and work out our lungs as we laugh and tease and yell…a lot.

Nerts makes my family stop going in all different directions. We stop isolating ourselves in our separate interests and spend time together. That cliche’ kind of time…QUALITY.

I wish you’d stop, too.

If you’re like me, you think summer will change life’s pace. School is out; days are longer. Surely that’s the recipe for slowing down. But for most moms and dads, jobs don’t stop just because summer has arrived, and now lawn needs to be mowed and ballgames need to be won and kids need to go to camp and vacations are planned.

And summer days fly by faster than all the other days of the year.

So just stop.

Get out the old badminton set or dust off Pictionary or schedule movie nights (drive-ins are still cool!). Play together. Laugh together. Just you and your family. 

Be spontaneous…or be intentional and put it on the calendar if that makes it happen. However it works for you, stop the frantic pace and make these summer moments count.

Sometimes I don’t realize how much we need to “reconnect” until we start connecting again…and there’s so much LIFE happening around my kitchen table. That mom feeling settles in to remind me how much I miss this! And I resent the pace that’s looming ahead because it’s going to pick back up at the end of the summer and suffocate all the laughter.

But I must remember this Summer of Nerts and the mom feeling and be intentional next year when my family is speeding through summer. I have to remind us to stop. Because sometimes–too often–I forget. 

And forgetting is a sign of Alzheimer’s…so excuse me now while I grab a deck of cards and go make some memories with the other people in the house that I kinda like hanging with.

What activities will slow down the pace for your family this summer? What gives you that mom feeling? Give us some ideas in the comment section!


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  1. Sandy Slusher says:

    I love the summer and when school is out. Some people complain because they have their kids at home. Not me I love it and the lazy days, the days of not having any plans or being able to do something last minute, staying out late because no one has to get up early the next day.I love the evening walks and great talks we have. I dread the day to have to go back to school and work. It all goes to quickly. Enjoy every moment!
    Also enjoy catching up with friends (The Sargents)on our summer trips to Missouri and playing those wild games of nerts or just sitting back relaxing and enjoying time with each other. The time flies by way to fast. Would love to have a lot more of those days.

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