My Cape Got Caught in My Underpants!

If I were SuperMom, my cape would be purple—because purple makes me happy—and my super power would be spreading happiness.

Purple super hero (2)

I’d use my super power to figure out how to cut a big ol’ hole in my roof and still keep my roof from leaking. Why do I need a big ol’ hole in my roof? you ask. So Randi can raise a baby giraffe in her bedroom like she’s always wanted to. See? Spreading happiness.

And Kelli would be happy because I could’ve used my super power when she was 8 to make sure The Disney Channel discovered her and made her a child star.

And my hubby would be happy because–aaaahhh–let’s keep this G rated.

And me? I’d be SuperMom, which means my house would be clean (well, except for Randi’s room with a giraffe and a big ol’ hole in it), and all the bills would be paid (because I’d have a child star cashing big checks from Disney). So much happiness!

And along with my purple cape, I’d wear a big purple M on my bosom. For MOM. Or…


Because that’s what I felt like years ago when I tried to be SuperMom. In those days sometimes I didn’t spread much happiness because—you know…if mama ain’t happy…

It only took two kids and a few years of momhood for me to realize I don’t have super powers, and you can’t be SuperMom with just ordinary, everyday non-powers. But that’s okay. I wouldn’t make a good SuperMom anyway.

I would hate wearing that purple cape all the time! You’d see me driving down the road with my cape caught in the car door, purple satin flappin’ hello to all the people I pass. And what do you do with a cape when you gotta use the little girls’ room? Imagine walking out of the bathroom with that thing caught in your underpants!

Wearing a purple cape would just get in the way of…well…happiness. And that’s why I have a fluffy purple bathrobe instead.

So instead of being SuperMom, I decided to surround myself with super moms.

And you should, too.

It gives you power. And happiness.

I believe you need three super moms in your life. Can I introduce you to mine?


You need a THEA. A Thea has a few more years on her mom resume´ than you. If your kids are toddlers, hers are in middle school. If yours are in elementary, hers are in high school. She’s a “been-there-done-that-survived-it” mom—a step ahead of you in life—and she has all the answers.

Your little one is wheezy and croupy and the medicine won’t work. What do you do? Ask Thea.

Sibling rivalry has escalated to sibling warfare and you feel like the losing general over two armies. How do you negotiate a peace treaty? Ask Thea.

Your teenager copped an attitude with a triple-dose of tone and declared you Public Enemy #1. How long will this phase last? Ask Thea.

A Thea also has perspective. Our “right now” is her hindsight, so she has 20/20 vision that can help us see what’s important…like family values over society’s values, and that today’s exhausting moments will be tomorrow’s priceless memories.

She is there to see the Halloween costume and the prom dress, and you know she will be there for the wedding dress, too.


You need a LAURA. A Laura is a mom whose kids are close to the same age as yours, so when it comes to parenting, you’re learning together. I know, it’s kinda like the blind leading the blind. Actually, it is the blind leading the blind. But walking in the dark isn’t as scary if you have someone beside you. My Laura is eight days older than me (yes, you are!), and we had four girls within three years. So we’ve had a lot of these conversations:

L: “I’ll say yes, if you’re saying yes. But if you’re saying no, I’m saying no.”


K: “If you’re letting yours go, then I’ll let mine go. But if you’re not, neither am I.”


L: “You’re letting her do what? Are you crazy?”
K: “Oh? You said no?”
L: “Yes, I said no.”
K: “Oh. I thought you’d say yes. Okay, so I’ll say no, too.”

And all of these talks end with “Go team!”

Our girls love when we have these conversations. It makes them have conversations:

Either daughter: “You talk your mom into it because if your mom says yes, my mom will say yes.”

Other daughter: “Okay!”

When we make the right decisions, we’re awesome. When we make the wrong decisions, we go down together. But at least we’re together.

And another good thing about a Laura, she becomes a mom to your kids, too.

Girls for Blog 2


You need a HANNAH. Unlike a Thea who has walked ahead of you or a Laura who is in pace with you, a Hannah is following behind, going through all the fun stuff and tough stuff you’ve already done.

When a Hannah shows you videos of first steps or pictures of the first day of kindergarten or is excited about the first t-ball game, you smile and remember and soak up her joy. And then you think, “Thank goodness I don’t have to do that anymore!”

And when a Hannah needs to unload for seventeen solid minutes about how when she has the kids it’s called parenting but when hubby has the kids it called babysitting and how come she has to ask him to pack the diaper bag and when he does how hard is it to actually put diapers in the bag and why in the world wouldn’t he…

You don’t interrupt and say, “I know” even though you do know, because you also know Hannah needs to pour all this out, so you listen patiently with an open heart. And when she finally pauses to replenish her oxygen, you tell her something you realized too late yourself: “He isn’t a mom. He wants to help, and he’s doing his best. But he’s not a mom.”

And the light bulb comes on and you know she’s thinking he’s a dad and remembering all the things a dad does without being asked, things that she doesn’t have to do…like changing the oil in the car and cleaning out the gutters and working overtime to pay for vacation.

And then a Hannah will whisper in awe, “You are so wise.”

Which makes you spew laughter and then apologize that some of your spit landed on her face because you know wisdom and flying by the seat of your pants are NOT the same thing…and you’ve racked up a lot of frequent flyer miles.

You need a Hannah, so you can give back to the cycle of momhood by listening and lifting some of the weight from her. You need a Hannah because on those days when you know you’ve blown it as a mom, you can remember that at least someone thinks you’re wise.

Now, if you’re thinking, “But I don’t have three super moms in my life,” it’s probably because you just never really thought about it. I didn’t. My Thea and Laura and Hannah just happened…and I’m so blessed they did. But now you know to think about it…and now you can be intentional about it…and find your super moms. I know one great place to look…right here.

Here on The MOM Journey, I guarantee you’re hanging with some SUPER moms.

Now, take a few minutes to check out this video. (Don’t skip it!) I promise it will be worth it.


You’re feeling pretty super right now, aren’t you? And you should! You earn it…every minute of every day!

(Aren’t you glad you didn’t skip this?)

After that video, I have to give a shout out to one more very super mom. MINE.

Pic of Mom for Blog

Let’s celebrate our super moms!

“Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor:

If either of them falls down, one can help the other up.” — Ecc. 4:9-10 (NIV)

Give a shout out to a super mom in your life! Use the comment section below.



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  1. LM says:

    Well I couldn’t agree more…everyone needs super moms aka a Thea, Laura, and Hannah. It’s been a God thing the way God has put key people in my life to DO life with and share life with. I could not have done this- raise my daughters without the knowledge, support, and love of the wonderful moms who were gracious enough to give out great advice. Trust God to you give what you need…trust Him to lead you through it and God will provide you with the people-MOMS- to support you and lift you up. I am so very thankful for the wonderful moms I have had to talk with and learn from. Remember, God want us to pay it forward. So find a mom you can listen to, learn from, and help. Go team!!!!

  2. Pat Mertens says:

    I love it! What a joy to read your writing and giggle at your life’s moments. I have posted this on my Facebook page to allow my daughter (of 5 boys – 22, 10, 8 4, 2).

    You Light Up My Life!!

  3. Erin Emert says:

    That was soooooooo great! 😁

  4. Tammy Fishbeck says:

    That was awesome and I love the video only he needed to add to that most moms also have a 40hr. A week job 😩 On top of it

  5. Keely Hill says:

    I love reading your blogs! I took your English comp II class many years ago and always loved listening to your stories! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Lois Orr says:

    Thanks again for another great post – You made me cry with the video (it happens alot lately for this mom – You’ll find this out in a few years! LOL) Thanks for sharing your life with us and helping us realize what an important job being a Mom is. HUGS!!

  7. Donna says:

    I’m still amazed by your talent! Even when you were a little girl when you wanted to do something you got it done!!!

  8. Shelly says:

    I LOVE reading your posts Karen. I am lucky to have a few awesome super moms around me and you are definitely at the top of my list. Thanks for always being there to help me sort it all out and guide me with your wisdom 🙂

  9. Heather D says:

    I totally agree that we all need to surround ourselves with Supermoms like you described. And that video…awesome! Thank you for your encouraging words Karen!

  10. Sandy Slusher says:

    Karen, Love, love this. You are a super mom to me and I have always admired you. I love the way even though we may only see each other once a year we can always pick right up where we left off. I cherish our friendship and you!

  11. stick with it a round of applause for your blog post dead composed content very nice post

  12. […] certain boy walks into your daughter’s life, and even your SUPER MOM Thea whispers the first time she meets him, “I think he’s the one…” And 18 […]

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