• Is the Golden Rule Broken?

    I have a powerful secret. Years ago I shared it with my daughters, and now you can share it with your kiddos. This secret is so powerful it can control the mouths of middle school kids and harness the behavior of high school students. Though it only consists of words, it has the potential to ignite […]

  • Our Kids Are Selfie Obsessed

    I recently met with a group of high school students who are concerned about GPAs and college majors and scholarships. We talked about service projects…because competing for scholarship dollars requires volunteer hours. Or rather, I talked about service projects. I proposed perhaps eight projects, most of which required approximately one hour of volunteer time–ringing the Salvation […]

  • What I Should Have Said

    If you look under my bed, besides dust bunnies and possibly a cat, you’ll see two wooden Dr. Pepper crates. (Yes, I’m a Pepper. Wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper, too? If you don’t get that–good news–you haven’t reached middle age!) Stacked in the crates are my happiness, my escape, my strategy for letting […]

  • Love Your Teen Driver? Read This

    Hubby has worn the uniform for 30 years. During that time he has knocked on too many doors and delivered news that shattered the hearts of too many parents. Each time he works a fatality accident involving a teen driver, Hubby gathers his girls and gives them the details…what went wrong, what could have been […]

  • I Wish You Didn’t Ask Me That

    I’ve avoided this topic for a few months now, ever since a Mom Journey follower asked me to discuss how I handle my girls…dating…boys. Since this has been the most requested topic to date, I guess it’s time to give in. I’m not sure why I’m reluctant to discuss this topic openly… Maybe because, unlike many of […]