• I Need a Break!

    There are no words to describe the FRENZY we call “the end of a school year.” But there is a word to describe teachers: EXHAUSTED. And this one is too exhausted to muster the creative energy to put together the post she had planned for this week. So in lieu of a post, I decided […]

  • I Thought It Was Obvious

    “Which is the gas pedal, and which one’s the brake again?” Not many questions cast me into deep prayer as quickly as this one, asked by my daughter sitting behind the wheel of the car while I, helpless, sit in the passenger seat, wishing my flimsy seatbelt were a race car harness, and checking to […]

  • Some Motherly Advice

    A few posts ago I asked you to share the best “mom” advice you have received, and I promised to share some “mom” wisdom of my own. So here it is! This isn’t the most important advice I ever received. And it’s not the most life changing or even that profound. But it is one piece of […]

  • You Won’t Believe What I Wanted for Mother’s Day

    My girls were one and and three when my hubby asked what I wanted for Mother’s Day. I remember looking at him–hesitating–wondering if I would really say out loud the answer exploding inside my exhausted head. I tried to think of a more acceptable answer–a mani/pedi maybe, or a Kohl’s gift card, or a piece […]

  • I Don’t Want to Be the Evil Queen

    One of my favorite things about being a mom of little ones was having an excuse to watch Disney movies again. My girls were the perfect ages when Toy Story and The Lion King came out. Woody and Jessie, Mufasa and Simba and Nala moved right into our home and became part of our family. […]