• I Can’t Talk to My Kids

    It’s a rare Saturday—one of those precious days when I haven’t scheduled 73 things to do in 24 hours—which means it’s a PJ day, too. There’s just something glorious about not fixing your hair, putting on make-up, and preparing yourself for the public. Can I get an amen, sister? And in my moments of relaxing […]

  • My Cape Got Caught in My Underpants!

    If I were SuperMom, my cape would be purple—because purple makes me happy—and my super power would be spreading happiness. I’d use my super power to figure out how to cut a big ol’ hole in my roof and still keep my roof from leaking. Why do I need a big ol’ hole in my […]

  • I Have Baggage

    I remember looking through old photo albums with my mom the first time I realized she didn’t have a single picture of my father holding me when I was a baby. When I asked why, she said he was so sick by the time I was born that he wouldn’t let her take his picture. […]

  • Sometimes I Want to Ask, “God, Is This a Joke?”

    DON’T MISS THE GIVE-AWAY AT THE END OF THIS POST! I was about 20 when I learned to talk to God. I mean just talk. Genuine. Real. I was pretty excited about a plan I had that was AWEsome…and then pretty disappointed when God apparently didn’t hold the same opinion. Actually, disappointed is the wrong word. […]