• We Can’t Do This Alone

    One of my favorite signs of spring is seeing flocks of geese flying north, bringing with them the warmer climate where they’ve wintered and ushering in new sunshine and spring air. There’s hope and happiness in all that wing flapping and honking overhead. As I watch a flock in v-formation pass over, their migration means more to […]

  • When You Lose Control

    There’s only one master of the remote control in our house. He rules the TV from his throne–a cushy, brown leather chair–with the remote resting on the arm for easy access, and his feet propped on an ottoman. With remote in hand, he wields his power, choosing what we see, what we hear, and what we […]

  • Do You Have the “MOM” Factor?

    Are there any fans of The X Factor on The MOM Journey? If not a fan, you’ve probably heard of the television music competition where judges search for the contestant with the “x” factor–that undefinable something that makes for star quality. Since the “x” factor is undefinable, I decided to look it up. Here’s the definition: a […]

  • A Message You Shouldn’t Hear

    Sometimes I do things the hard way. I don’t intend to. I just don’t see the easy way…until I do. And then I have a “well-duh” moment and wonder what took me so long. It happened again a while back when I cleaned out the inbox of an old email account, one I use for […]

  • 5 Imaginary Friends You Need

    Amos was my hubby’s imaginary friend. When they were wee lads, they fought epic battles in the Wild West and in many foreign lands, that is until Amos was sniped by an enemy soldier in WW2. Kelli didn’t have imaginary friends. She had imaginary enemies. Lots of them. And they were frogs. We’d be driving […]