• FALL BACK: How to Get Extra Hours

    My alarm clock is set 10 minutes fast. So is the clock in my bathroom and the clock in my car. The gift of an extra ten minutes I give myself each morning somehow keeps me on time, even though my brain knows the game I’m playing. Our guest blogger today, author Leah DeCesare, is […]

  • It’s Not Your Drama, Momma

    Last Mother’s Day, Kelli gave me this card. Kelli, the girl who left her Drama Queen Drive street sign in her bedroom when she went to college, definitely fought the temptation to get dragged into–or to dive headfirst into–“he-said-she-said” adolescent theatrics. She often came home from school all worked up about the day’s most recent tween or teen […]

  • Hello, Threat. Come On In!

    Recently I made a special trip to Wal-Mart. Randi discovered her old Nintendo DS in her closet, the first major purchase she saved for all on her own when she was in 4th grade. She was excited to be reunited with a childhood friend and decided the occasion called for celebration–or at least a new […]

  • We Get What We Expect

    Last week I took my youngest daughter–my baby–on a college tour to her university of choice. We were both overwhelmed. Randi tried to imagine a new life on an unfamiliar campus with so many strangers. I tried to remember kindergarten screening…because wasn’t that just yesterday? As the student ambassador (Kelli) led us from building to building , […]

  • Can You Hear Me Now?

    A strange phenomenon sometimes occurs inside my car. I, behind the wheel, concentrate on the road, intent on reaching our destination safely. My daughter, in the passenger seat, skips through 80’s music or scrolls through her Instagram feed. Then suddenly it happens. She begins to talk. Not the kind of talk where she just says […]