The #1 Resolution You Must Make

Happy New Year! We’re ten days into 2017, and according to an article I read, 27.4% of us have already broken our resolutions for the new year. The good news is nearly 3 out of 4 of you are still going! YAY you! Can you stick with it another 355 days…like the 9.1% of folks who kept the promises they made to themselves in 2016? I can’t! And that’s why I have a proposition for you…one I don’t think you can refuse.

This year instead of focusing on what we want to do better, let’s focus on what we are already doing well…and resolve to keep being awesome at whatever that is! Let me explain.

We’re really goodreally good…at looking at ourselves and nitpicking all the things that should be better, could be better. We decide we’re going to get healthy, get organized, live life to the fullest, learn a new hobby, spend less/save more, travel and read more–which, by the way, are the top resolutions made in 2017 according to NBC News. And these are all great resolutions. Who doesn’t want live life to the fullest? (And since my novel debuts in April, I like that one about reading more!) I’m not opposed to trying to make life better. But what if…

We get really good…really good…at looking at ourselves and celebrating all the things we already do better–instead of cataloging our shortcomings as a mom, as a wife, as a woman? And what if we promise to keep doing those things well?

Because you’re a mom…and you compare yourself to other moms you know…and even to moms you don’t know but follow on Facebook or Pinterest. Somehow you feel like you fall short. And all those things you are and do that make you amazing, well, sometimes they get lost in the smoke of your self-esteem that goes up in flames when you scroll through your social media feed.

So let’s make a new New Year’s resolution list! What are three or five or ten things you do that make you a fantabulous mom or wife or daughter or friend or employee? Be specific. (Not like that “live life to the fullest” resolution–what does that even mean?) Maybe your list will look a little like this:

  • It’s important to me that my family sits down to eat dinner together at least three nights a week.
  • I’m good at thanking my husband for little things he does that could easily be overlooked.
  • I watch at least one game a week during baseball season and call my dad so we can talk about something he enjoys.
  • I engage and listen intently when my friends need to talk through a problem.
  • When the extra things I do at work don’t get noticed, I continue to do them anyway.

(This is not my list, by the way, which you probably figured out with the “dad” one since you read my I Have Baggage post.)

Make your list and stand in front of a mirror. Say out loud to yourself, “Hey, I’m kind of amazing.” Then give yourself a high five! Resolve that in 2017 you will continue to rock it. And when something you do or don’t do, or something someone says or doesn’t say, makes you doubt yourself, take out your list and read it. Those things on your list…look at them very closely.

You do them well because that’s what’s important to you. Don’t be distracted by other things that don’t really matter. (And most of it doesn’t matter! Check out GIRL DEFINED.)

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not anti self-improvement or health improvement or wealth improvement. I’m only saying January 1st is not some magical day that is going to catapult us into a better version of ourselves. It’s just a day on the calendar. To be successful, most of the typical resolutions we make should be thoughtfully planned out and prayed about–not declared because a ball in New York City drops at midnight.

New Year’s resolutions are about making a change. So let’s do that. Let’s tally the wins and celebrate what we moms do right for a change. Then at 11:59 p.m. on December 31st, we can celebrate 2017 as one of the 9.1% of people who kept the promises they made to themselves!

Let’s make a resolution list! What is something you do well that you can put on your list? Don’t be shy! This is our time to celebrate us! Share in the comments.

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  1. Sandy Slusher says:

    Great idea! I don’the make New Years resolutions but this is a good one.

    • Karen says:

      I’d rather start a new year feeling successful rather than dreading the failure because I’m not one of 9.1% folks! 🙂

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