That Undefinable Mom Quality

A few posts ago we described the “x” factor–that undefinable something that makes for star quality–and I asked you to nominate a superstar mom to celebrate on The MOM Journey. The nominations came in, your stories made my heart full, and I quickly figured out there is no way I alone could choose. Each mom’s MOM factor is different, her story is her own, and it’s impossible (I now know!) to rank them good, better, best.

BUT…I promised we’d have a winner. And thanks to my panel of judges, which ranged in age from seniors in high school to senior adults, we have a fantabulous mom to celebrate!

But first, let’s celebrate ALL the amazing  moms who have the MOM factor–moms who were nominated by their daughters and sons, their mothers and mothers-in-law, their sisters-in-law and best friends. (I love that!) Here’s an excerpt from each mom’s story.

Donna–nominated by her daughter Kim

“She is always there for her family…She is currently having treatment for lung cancer but still does everything in her mightiness to take care of her family. She is a small package of dynamite!”

 Amanda–nominated by her son Jesse

“Every day my mom’s day starts with serving everyone but herself…And this continues every single day, 365 days a year. She never takes time for herself.”

Crystal–nominated by her mom Tammy

“Amazingly selfless, full of compassion…she truly wants to make a difference for good with her one and only life to the glory of God. She’s extremely humble because it’s just who she is.”

April–nominated by her friend Aline

“April is more than a mom to her two sons…she is a mom to everyone and makes sure everyone is taken care of. She gives of her time and energy no matter how busy her life is. She makes this world a better place.”

Connie–nominated by her daughter Toni

“She loves all of her children (all six of us) unconditionally. We were never rich, but I feel like our family was the richest because of my mom and my dad.”

Lena–nominated by her daughter Sheila

“I had a lump removed when I was only 18. She prayed to God that if someone had to have cancer to spare me and give it to her. At that point in my life I understood a mother’s love.”

Juanita–nominated by her daughter Sarah

“If we were ever short on food growing up, she would not eat so we could. She wore old clothes and shoes with soles worn off, so we could have new clothes and shoes. She worked full-time but always came to our events. She always sacrificed for us!”

Heather–nominated by her friend Renee

“We became fast friends when we worked together at a police department in California. We both had children at the same time and shared in the joys and struggles of being working moms. Heather is by far one of the most morally grounded, sincere, and kind-hearted friends I’ve ever known.”

Kristen–nominated by her mother-in-law Doris

“Kristen always has a positive attitude toward life, no matter what gets thrown her way. She puts God first with her family being a very close second. She is a very loving wife and mother.”

Dana–nominated by her friend Rachel

“Dana goes out of her way to help and take care of her students, and they can depend on her even after they graduate.”

Melinda–nominated by her daughter Anna-Marie

“She bears our burdens. She takes them on, gives them to God, and helps us through our hards. She has the gift of empathy. My mom is strong when she doesn’t feel it, strong when she doesn’t seem it, and strong when my brother and sister and I fall weak.”

And now…

nominated by her sister-in-law Jackie…

The mom with the factor!

Amie Adams

“It’s hard to think of the correct X factor to describe Amie as a mom because nothing seems good enough. Sunshine maker seems appropriate due to the amount of light and love she so freely gives. She likes no attention but deserves all eyes! One obvious reason she deserves to be recognized is she is the mother of six girls. SIX GIRLS! She opened her heart and arms to adopt and love two little girls and has changed their lives forever. The title of a mother not only belongs to those who birth their children but also to those who take in and love little hearts. Amie selflessly made more room in her heart and shows love that can only come from a place of selflessness. These two little girls, along with four others, have a mom who embodies love, strength, and the very rare ability to juggle all that comes with having six daughters. Shine on, Amie!”

Thank you for nominating & celebrating these marvelous moms!

See what I mean about hard to choose?! But I think we all agree that a mom of SIX GIRLS deserves a little special TLC. Amie, how does a pedi gift certificate sound? (Not as good a full day spa treatment, I agree!) On behalf of the little ladies you are raising and all us mom on the journey, thank you for demonstrating what a true momma heart looks like.

Happy Mother’s Day to the rest of us The Mom Journey! Like the special moms named here, you have the X factor. You are selfless and compassionate, strong and humble. You carry burdens and uphold morals, your love is more than wealth, and your heart knows no boundaries. You are undefinable!

To Celebrate You

This is one of my favorite videos ever, and if you’ve been on The MOM Journey for a while, you’ve seen it. I think this is the third time I’ve shared it, but it’s just that good. And you deserve to be reminded of this often! Enjoy!

Let’s celebrate more moms! Maybe you didn’t nominate a mom for the MOM factor, but you know a mom who definitely has an undefinable quality that makes her a superstar. Tell us about her. I’ll go first!



  1. Karen Sargent says:

    First, Happy Mother’s Day to my mom (love you, miss you)! The mom I would like to recognize is my friend Anna-Marie. Moms do whatever it takes, right? When A-M’s little boy was diagnosed with autism, she was determined he would have the best services she could provide…even if that meant quitting her job and driving almost two hours one way to take him to school. She and her hubby have begun an amazing blog where they share the “Hard” and the “Good.” Check it out. You’ll be so glad you did!

    • A-M says:

      I don’t even know what to say, Karen.
      Thank you so much. All I know is that moms like you make all of us better.. by being real and honest and encouraging and life-giving.
      Love you so much, friend. 💚

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