Are you looking for a presenter for your writing group or conference? With 25 years of teaching experience and a passion for helping writers, presenting is one of my favorite ways to pay it forward. For more information, contact me here.

WRITING FOR CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL–You have a story to tell and Chicken Soup for the Soul wants to pay to hear it! Chicken Soup publishes approximately 12 books a year, each with 101 stories told by writers like you. Learn what makes a great story, how to write it, and what to expect after you submit. (This workshop is not endorsed by Chicken Soup for the Soul. I’m a Chicken Soup author simply sharing my experience.)

3 REVISION STRATEGIES TO TAKE THE AMATEUR OUT OF YOUR MANUSCRIPT–Learn three revision strategies a literary agent taught me to prepare my manuscript for publishers. So simple. So effective. Too good to keep to myself!

BOOK DESCRIPTIONS THAT SELL–An intriguing cover invites a reader to pick up a book, but an irresistible description entices the reader to buy the book. Writing back cover copy is a dreaded task that many authors struggle with. Whether your book is a work in progress or a complete manuscript, you can follow a few simple steps to write a book description readers can’t refuse. (This workshop is recommended as a prerequisite to Query Letter Coaching.)

QUERY LETTER COACHING–If literary agents are the gatekeepers to the publishing world, the query letter is a key that unlocks the gates. Writing an irresistible query letter isn’t a miracle, but it does take some magic. Learn the tricks to get an agent’s attention and a request for materials. We’ll analyze sample query letters, workshop our own, and learn how to choose the right agents to query. (Book Descriptions That Sell is a recommended prerequisite for this workshop.)


  • With two books scheduled for release in 2018, I wasn’t sure how to begin promoting them. Karen Sargent’s workshop gave me clear and practical strategies anyone can use, sharing her techniques and tools in a down-to-earth, relatable way. Karen’s debut novel quickly received over 100 reviews on Amazon. Clearly, her methods are effective. I highly recommend this workshop for authors who are serious about marketing their books. —Pat Wahler, author of I Am Mrs. Jesse James and coauthor of Midnight, the One-Eyed Cat (All Write Now! Conference)
  • Karen’s session was packed with practical ideas and suggestions for book marketing—things she learned while marketing her first novel. Karen is genuine, positive, and obviously cares about helping writers market their books. This workshop is definitely worth the time! —Marcie Upchurch (SEMO Writers Guild)
  • The examples Karen provided were some of the clearest I’ve ever seen. I was able to immediately pull out my WIP and make changes that allowed the words to sing. Several of the members thanked me for inviting Karen to speak. I highly recommend her and we’re planning to have her back for one of our longer workshops. —Jeanne Felfe, author of The Art of Healing (Saturday Writers, an affiliate of the MO Writers’ Guild)
  • Karen’s presentation was so engaging and eye-opening. She presented information in a way that was easy to understand and apply. My writing group told me numerous times how much they enjoyed Karen’s presentation. She is a wonderful speaker, and we’ve been anxious to have her visit again. Karen doesn’t just have experience and knowledge about writing and publishing but also an infectious enthusiasm that is inspiring. I encourage anyone who is able to attend or host one of Karen’s workshops to do it. You won’t be disappointed. –Holly Hall (Parkland Writers Circle)