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  • I Like the Rut I’m Stuck In

    We’re weaving our way through Mobile, Alabama, with Destin about two hours behind us and home about 10 hours ahead. Our hair still feels salty, and I swear our tan lines started to fade as soon as we crossed the Bay Bridge to leave Destin.  If you read I’d Rather Not, you know how precious this […]

  • I’m Too Busy Playing

    I hope you don’t mind if The MOM Journey is a little short this week…and maybe for the next few weeks. We’re out of school, Hubby has taken off a few days, and we are busy playing! Speaking of playing, that just happens to be our topic this week. I can already tell. This is […]

  • We Can’t Make Our Kids Happy

    I had an epiphany about myself. It wasn’t brought on by a life-changing event, but it was definitely one of those moments that makes you wonder how you’re parenting skills created socially acceptable offspring. Randi had just finished her shift at the shaved ice shack. She walked in the door and announced she was hungry and tired, […]

  • It’s Not Worth the Fight

    WARNING: If you’re a neat freak, this photo may be harmful to your mental health. (Sometimes I worry the actual content itself is a health hazard.) This is Randi’s room. If you don’t have a room like this in your house, you probably don’t have a teenager. This picture might elevate your blood pressure; anxiety […]

  • I Thought It Was Obvious

    “Which is the gas pedal, and which one’s the brake again?” Not many questions cast me into deep prayer as quickly as this one, asked by my daughter sitting behind the wheel of the car while I, helpless, sit in the passenger seat, wishing my flimsy seatbelt were a race car harness, and checking to […]