Waiting for Butterflies engages your emotions to leave your faith charged and your heart changed.—Joleen Graumann, freelance editor

Sargent courageously skirts the expectations of traditional Christian fiction to tell us the truth in a way that’s fresh, welcome, and long over due.—Carre Armstrong Gardner, author of All Right Here and the Darling family series

Karen Sargent ties together beautifully the complex relationship between loss and hope, and grief and faith…a must-read for anyone looking for beauty in the midst of life’s changes.—Emily Ellis, editor of Journey Devotional Magazine

Waiting for Butterflies is a poignant story about a family coping with loss. No matter what your religion, it is a story of finding faith in life’s most difficult moments.–Renee Macalino Rutledge, author of The Hour of Daydreams

Waiting for Butterflies will have you turning pages into the night, praying alongside Maggie Blake that her family will be okay.—Sandi Ward, author of The Astonishing Thing

Waiting for Butterflies is a story of hope and healing…that shows clarity sometimes comes in the ways we least expect.—Kate Brandes, author of The Promise of Pierson Orchard

 A mother’s love never ends–

not even when her life does.

Longing for her family after her sudden death, Maggie becomes a lingering spirit and returns home where she helplessly witnesses her family’s downward spiral in the aftermath of her passing. Her husband is haunted by past mistakes and struggles to redeem himself. Her teenage daughter silently drowns in her own guilt, secretly believing she caused her mother’s death. Only her five-year-old, full of innocence, can sense her presence. Although limited by their grief and lack of faith, Maggie is determined to keep a sacred promise and save her family before her second chance runs out.

A tender portrait of a mother whose love reaches beyond possible, WAITING FOR BUTTERFLIES will embrace your heart and not let go.

2017 IAN Book of the Year

2017 IAN Outstanding Christian Fiction

2017 Foreword Reviews Gold

2018 CSPA Christian Indie Award