You’re launching a book? Congratulations! Introducing a book to the world is exciting…and overwhelming. You really wanted to write that book, didn’t you? But marketing that book? Not so much. Eleven out of ten authors surveyed agree! Can I share a secret with you? Friends don’t let friends launch alone.

You need a book launch team. Here’s why:


If you have 1,000 friends in your Facebook circle, then you can share your book with 1,000 people. But if you have a launch team with 50 members and each member has 500 friends, your team can share your book with an additional 25,000 people! A book launch team will extend your reach.


According to the marketing Rule of Seven, readers need to see your book an average of seven times before they decide to buy. Your team will share your book many times on social media throughout the launch period. A book launch team will increase pre-orders before launch week as well as book sales during launch week.


Book reviews are “social proof” that encourage readers to buy a book. The more reviews you have, the more likely a reader will be enticed to give your book a try. Reviews also increase visibility on sales sites such as Amazon that will promote your book when readers search for or purchase books like yours. A launch team will increase the number of reviews your book receives.

Once you have a launch team, you need a launch team leader. I’ve led so many successful book launches, I’ve lost count! If you write clean fiction or Christian fiction/nonfiction, I would love to help with your book launch.
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