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You know THAT MOM? Sure you do. She’s the one who posts pictures of her organic, all-natural family dinners infused with superfoods. And when you drop in unannounced, her house looks like a magazine shoot. Dust doesn’t even know where she lives. Pinterest exists so other moms can compete with her homemade costumes, repurposed furniture projects, and the 99 things she can do with blue Dawn and vinegar. She makes yoga pants look great and mastered the eight angle pose. She has time to play with her kids, she can do the math homework, and she never forgets bedtime prayers.

CONFESSION: I’m not THAT MOM. I’m this mom. My girls, Randi and Kelli, think hot dogs and mac and cheese are a nutritious meal, and the girl at the drive-thru knows my voice. This week’s mail is stacked on the counter, last week’s laundry is still in a laundry basket, and I’m not sure blue Dawn and vinegar can cut the mystery stain on my carpet. Pinterest depresses me. I tried yoga once, and I didn’t even know what an eight angle pose was until I googled “difficult yoga poses” a few minutes ago. I wish I’d played more when my girls were little. I quit helping with math homework about 6th grade. And…sometimes I forget bedtime prayers.

Now, I don’t dislike THAT MOM. I don’t wish a strong wind would carry my excess dust to her house or that she’d get stuck in downward facing dog for, oh, thirty minutes or so. No, in fact, sometimes I try to be THAT MOM, and I can do it…in spurts. Short-lived, well-intentioned spurts.

But sometime during my 20 years of momhood, I decided I’m okay with being this mom. Then something unexpected happened. I was freed of guilty clutter and able to do what a mom does best…love her kids!

So whether you’re THAT MOM or this mom, a new mom or an experienced mom, will you join me on The MOM Journey…where we don’t have to be perfect? Let’s learn from each other, laugh at ourselves, and do momhood together!

Check out the posts below and share your own mom wisdom, wonders, or confessions. I would love to send you The MOM Journey by email. Please enter your email address in the space to the right (below if you’re on a device).

FRIENDLY DISCLAIMER: All opinions in my blog are expressed with humility. I’m not an expert…just a mom trying to keep more tally marks in the win column than in the loss column.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!


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